What is your duty as a Seller's agent?

Consult, on what they need to do get their home ready for sell. Price their home, pricing strategy. Marketing plan, go into contract, smooth contract to close process. then Close. Walking you through from just listed to welcome home. Just listed can start a year in advance. What can a seller. "If you're in a Camry neighborhood, don't make your home a lexus".

What is your duty as a Buyer's agent?

Meet in advance, consult about what to do to get them ready to purchase. A year or a month from now. Get pre-approved. Here is what the home buying process looks like. 

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

Comparative Market Analysis: (looks at the solds) should tell you the range of what your home should sell for. Generally pull comporables and see what we can match on style, sq. ft. bedrooms + baths. 2nd part, 

Competetive Market Analysis: (looks at the competition) will pull in currenty active listings. Once we go live, are we helping selling your house, or sell everyone else. 

Absorption rate anaylysis: (looks at the buyers) how many buyers are in the market for your home specifically. is there 5 buyers in the market currently, and 17 homes for sale? out of 17, we need to be the best home, if we have 30 buyer's and only 5 buyers.

Once you combine all 3, gives us a picture of how much a home should sell for and how long it will take.

Here's some other questions Jacob asked:

  • What would you do to keep me Informed about the process? 
  • How do Realtor fees work?
  • What a buyer and Seller should do to help the process?
  •  Most valuable advice for home buying

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