You are under contract with the perfect home. It was love at first sight. You have mentally laid out the entire interior and landscaping. The house warming invitations are ready, and you are planning to host the big game. You start to post your excitement publicly on Facebook as a text arrives from your real estate agent: “What day and time is best for you to inspect the home?”

“Every party has a pooper,” you smirk. The fairy tale fades away. You envision leaky pipes, crooked floors, shocking electrical work and a lovely breeze blowing through … the hole in the roof. “How bad is it going to get?!”

It’s not usually that bad!

Inspectors provide “objective information regarding the condition of the systems and components of the home…,” according to Wayne Pace, owner of Authentic Home Inspection Services and a member of the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board.

Inspectors are regulated by a Standards of Practice that must be followed. Terry and LeAnn Baldy of Pillar to Post Home Inspectors of Maumelle say good inspectors provide buyers with as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision.

“Due diligence in purchasing your home can save the cost and disappointment of buying a house with serious issues.” — Terry and LeAnn Baldy

I asked Wayne and Terry what common mistakes home buyers make in the inspection process.

Hiring an Inspector

  • Wayne said, “Good inspectors will have a website displaying easy access to qualifications, experience and sample reports.”
  • Terry recommended buyers focus on the services provided, not simply the price.

Inspection Day

  • Terry and LeAnn stressed that parents get a sitter for the kids. “Inspections are a long process and tiring for them.” It is hard for mom and dad to focus on the inspection.
  • Wayne said buyers forget to confirm the utilities are on for the inspection and that “all homes have problems.”

Inspection Review

  • You are free to ask for clarification on anything.
  • Both inspectors said not enough clients take advantage of this opportunity and urged buyers ask more questions.

So, find the home of your dreams, hire a fantastic inspector, and ask LOTS of questions!!

“There are bad homes that look good and good homes that look bad. Get a good home inspection to know what you are buying. For most of us, [buying a home] is the biggest investment we will ever make.” — Wayne Pace

By Ray Ellen

Originally posted on Arkansas Money & Politics by Ray Ellen

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